Praktbetonikan var en ny bekantskap för mig i somras. Den växer dels strax utanför min port i rabatten och dels i dotterns trädgård. Praktbetonikan är verkligen praktfull med sina vackra, litet ådrade blad och de lila blommorna. Plantan blir ca 50 cm hög och blommar verkligen rikligt. Den klarar torka ganska bra, gillar inte att bli för blöt. Den växer vild i Kaukasus.

Om man sätter frön måste dom sättas ner på hösten, då dom inte gror annars. Det kallas ”kallbehandling” har jag läst mig till.

This flower grows in a flower bed just outside my door and in my daughters garden. Comes from Kaukasus, Russia.


~ av Ingegerd på 02 november 2010.

2 svar to “Praktbetonika”

  1. Hello, Ingegerd!
    Google translated it pretty well! Wonderful blog! Makes me want to go out and photograph, too.
    But I will have to learn the names so I can share.
    The flowers pictured here are the color of so many of the flowering plants here in California. Like Praktbetonika, Southern California blooms must withstand drought, too. San Diego, where I live, is desert-like even though it is port city on the Pacific Ocean. I have seenSD’s climate compared to that of Israel or the Mediterranean. San Diego County, California has what is known as ”micro-climates” as the terrain goes from ocean front (Coastal) to Inland Valley (me) to Mountain (to my East) then to the desert that covers the Southwestern US from Southeastern California to New Mexico/far West Texas. Along the way, the altitude varies from place to place, so some of the desert is sea level and other parts are high plains. In prehistoric times, much of this land was covered by ocean. But currently, it is quite dry. Today, we are having what is called ”Santa Ana ” winds. Santa Ana winds blow across the eastern deserts. back across the mountains and towards the Pacific Oceans, bringing hot, dry desert air to the California coast. The humidity can drop into the single digits and the winds funnel wildly through the canyons and ravines making highway driving dangerous in many places. Plus the danger of wildfire increases during these times bringing some anxiety to residents. In 2007, a large Wildfire swept our neighborhood and almost burned to the Pacific Ocean.
    Ingegerd! I did something strange to this note and lost the rest of it. But I have it copied, so I’ll send it later! = )

    • Hello again, Patricia!
      Thank you so much for your comment! It is very interesting to learn about your climate, the desert and winds. Your country is so large and Sweden is so small. It is a bit different from here!
      Here in Brunflo there is still autumn, some sun and around 0 centigrades (approx 30 F), still no snow. The snow can come any day now and we have winter for real.
      Today all three grandkids have been here during the afternoon. We have played a lot, one of them had a bath (very important when visiting me). We watch the film ”How to train your dragon”, an animated childrens movie. Very sweet I must say!
      Yes, please, go out and take some photos. The names are not always important. It is just very interesting to see your flora!
      Have a nice day!


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